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THC Content – Highest Test

Chemo has an extremely high THC content, with an average of 29%. This places it firmly at the top of the THC scale. It is because of the strain’s high THC content that those who use Chemo experience such powerful and effective results.

How does the CBD content of Chemo compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of Chemo is not known, but a good rule to follow with all strains is that when there is a higher than average level of THC present, it is rare to find anything more than 1% CBD. This appears to be very much the case with Chemo, as it has almost undetectable levels of CBD.

Given the recent popularity of CBD oil as a health and wellness supplement, most believe that when a strain has a low CBD content, it should logically follow that it has minimal health benefits. This is not always the case – Chemo is predominantly a medical strain with several different benefits.

So, why should you consider using Chemo as a medicinal strain?

Medical Benefits of the Chemo Strain

Chemo is a strain primarily for those in the process of chemotherapy, and as such, its effects are very much tailored to treat the negative effects of such treatment. Chemo is often recommended for those who are looking to ease the negative effects of chemotherapy without having to fill their body with even more artificial chemicals.

One of the main benefits of Chemo its ability to suppress nausea. This can be a huge problem for people who are in the middle of chemotherapy, making it difficult to eat a full meal and keep their spirits up. As the effects of Chemo start to take effect and your body relaxes, the feeling of constant sickness disappears, giving you a few hours to chill.

Chemo also enhances your appetite, making it easier to follow a structured, healthy diet. The nausea-suppressing, appetite-enhancing effects make this the perfect strain to take before dinner, allowing you to stock up on important nutrients and vitamins.

Chemo can be used to treat aches and pains and is especially useful for numbing a general feeling of weakness and full body ache that takes hold when you are run down. Chemo can also be used as a natural pain killer by those who are not undergoing chemotherapy but simply prefer to use natural wellness ingredients rather than pharmaceuticals.

Being a particularly powerful indica, Chemo works as a sleep aid, allowing you to drift off to sleep with ease. This is particularly useful when you are feeling stressed or anxious, and sleep feels almost impossible. The mix of pain relief and drowsiness helps you to mentally block out physical problems and get a peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Some people have found that the uplifting mental effects of Chemo can help to numb the effects of depression, especially when this is linked to your physical health. While not the best strain to tackle depression due to its strong sedative effects, Chemo may help during the evening when you are done with the day’s chores and just need a few hours of true relaxation.

Possible Side Effects of the Chemo Strain

A common side effect of Chemo is dry mouth. This is, unfortunately, a common side effect with most strains and is not something that Chemo has managed to avoid.

Making sure that you stay hydrated helps to reduce the effects of dry mouth, although when compared to all of the positives that come from smoking Chemo a slightly dry feeling in your mouth for a few hours can sometimes be a welcome change.

Given that Chemo can be used to treat pain, you might be surprised to learn that headaches are actually a negative side effect of Chemo. This is due to the strain’s high THC content, which can be difficult to process in larger doses and as a result can cause adverse reactions such as headaches. This is more likely to be a problem if you are someone who has a low THC tolerance.

Less common effects include dry eyes and feeling dizzy; most people find that these negative effects wear off within a few hours and do not cause any long term health concerns.

When smoking Chemo in large doses, some people find themselves experiencing anxious thoughts; this is again something that is more common among those who have a low THC tolerance. The effects can be somewhat negated by ensuring that you are surrounded by people who you feel comfortable with and that you are in a safe environment.

Final Thoughts on the Chemo Strain

Chemo is first and foremost a medical strain with a number of positive health effects that can make a living with difficult conditions that little bit easier. This is not to say that it cannot be used and enjoyed for recreational purposes, but that if you are looking for a relaxed, full-body high, there are a number of other strains available which are likely to offer a much more calming and fun experience.

Chemo is an extremely useful strain for those who are undergoing chemotherapy as it is able to suppress many of the negative effects that come with treatment. A few puffs of Chemo during the evening might be all that you need to feel like your old self and enjoy a few hours of relaxation and peace.

While Chemo will not be winning any awards for its aroma and flavor profile, it still manages to pack a pleasant taste that leaves your taste buds tingling and is definitely more flavorful than traditional medications.

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