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Super Pink
Nose 8/10
Color 10/10
Trim 8/10
Dense 8/10
Frost 10/10
Good nose, mid-high density, with good kief content. Nice frost buds, nice nug size, and nose make this a high trips.
Super Pink has incredible couch locking effects. Also producing a significant amount of THC content reaching up to 23%. Popular for its sweet diesel-gasoline flavours. These amazing genetics come from the sticky Pink and OG Kush strain. This awesome cannabis provides a powerful scent of skunk and herbal gas. Beautiful dark green leaves, purple hues, and shiny trichomes make up the appearance. The Super Pink strain is excellent for helping users aid with stress and gives ultimate sedation.

Super Pink Kush is a rare heavy Indica hybrid strain with body-focused sedative effects.

A colourful and vibrant plant, Pink Kush is floral, citrusy, gassy, and peppery. This is one of our most potent and sought-after strains. Flowers are dense, coated with trichomes, and contain hints of purple colour throughout.

Super Pink Kush is known for its dramatically Indica-like effects. Don’t expect to be doing too many errands with this one. Expect extended exposure to your couch and/or some serious quality time with the sandman cause this stuff will knock you out. Think Mike Tyson in the early ’90s only instead of throwing punches, he’s throwing sleeping powder.

This strain is mythical amongst users for its reported sedative effects, making it a top choice for clients experiencing pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

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1 review for Super Pink | Fresh Crop | AAA

  1. 307kb (verified owner)

    Good smell and taste, could be cured a little better but is priced perfectly

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